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Guide to Play Handicap Betting in Football Betting

In football betting, there are many common terms and phrases used. One of these is the term "handicap betting." So, do you know what handicap betting is? If not, let's explore sports betting tips what this type of betting is and its characteristics or how to place such bets together with Wintips.

Understanding the Concept of Handicap Betting for New Players

In sports betting in general, and in football betting specifically, there are many terms related to different types of bets. One of the most popular among them is handicap betting. However, many players still don't know what handicap betting is.

Handicap betting is a type of bet determined by bookmakers to balance the opposition between two teams. Among the two teams, one is referred to as the "favorite" or the "over" team, and the other team is the "underdog" or the "under" team. Players will predict whether the favorite team will be able to overcome the specified handicap against the underdog team by what margin.

This handicap not only helps players earn rewards but also indicates the difference in strength between the two teams. The higher the handicap, the stronger the favored team is considered, and the lower the handicap, the more evenly matched the two teams are perceived to be.

After understanding what handicap betting is, we can classify handicap bets in various ways, but there are two basic types: Asian handicap and European handicap. The bookmakers will offer players the choice to bet according to either method.

However, if the handicap exceeds the allowable limit, it will be converted into an Asian handicap. The reason for this is that bookmakers aim to balance the betting amounts. The smallest handicap that bookmakers can accept is ¼. Players can follow the odds to determine the most accurate betting options.

Different Odds Levels in Handicap Betting at Bookmakers

After briefly understanding what handicap betting is, let's delve deeper into how many types of odds there are in handicap betting. The following content will provide the most accurate answer to this question.

Level Handicap Betting or Draw Betting

Level handicap betting is a very simple and easy type of bet for all bettors. When choosing this type of bet, you only need to predict which team will win without considering the winning margin. The difficulty lies in determining which team is considered above the other. Most matches with this type of bet are those where the two teams are evenly matched.

If the player is lucky enough to bet on the winning team, they will quickly receive rewards from the bookmaker. In the case of betting on the losing team, you will lose the bet amount you staked. Additionally, if both teams draw, you will still receive some betting money according to the bookmaker's regulations.

¼ Handicap Betting for Bettors

As mentioned earlier, this is the lowest betting odds that bookmakers accept when playing bets. This type of bet is also known as ¼ or half-draw handicap. Playing bets with this odds will result in only two scenarios: win or lose, with no possibility of a draw. If there is a draw, you will either lose half of the bet amount or receive half of the winnings, depending on the team you bet on.

½ Handicap Betting is often Chosen

This type of bet is crucial in determining the goal difference between the two teams in the match. If you choose the favored team, and that team wins by a margin of 0.5 or more, you will win; otherwise, you will lose. In the case of a draw, regardless of which team you bet on, you will lose half of the bet amount. This is a disadvantage for inexperienced players.

¾ Handicap Betting or 0.75 Handicap Betting

The gameplay of a 0.75 handicap bet is quite similar to that of a 0.5 handicap bet. If you correctly bet on the winning team, and that team wins by a margin of two goals or more, you will receive the full winnings. However, if there is a draw or the team loses, you will lose the entire bet amount.

1 Handicap Betting is also widely used

You can only receive winnings from this type of bet if the goal difference is two or more goals. This type of bet demonstrates a significant difference in strength between the two participating football teams.

How to Calculate Your Winnings After Placing Handicap Bets

After understanding betting tips vip app what handicap betting is and the types of handicap bets available today, let's delve into how to calculate the winnings. Generally, there are two scenarios in which you receive winnings: either you receive the full amount of the bonus, or you receive half of the bonus from the bookmaker. Below are the calculations for both cases.

Winning the Full Amount:

Bonus = Amount Wagered x Bonus Odds as stipulated by the type of bet

Winning Half:

Bonus = Amount Wagered x Bonus Odds / 2

Experience in Handicap Betting in Football:

Master Information on Strength and Form:

Understanding the team's squad situation, the absence or return of key players can significantly influence the match result.

Check Head-to-Head History:

Review the results of past encounters between the two teams. Are there any trends that frequently appear that you can identify?

Visit Community Forums and Expert Opinions:

Read opinions and analyses from the football betting community as well as from experts. This can provide a more diverse and detailed perspective on the match.

Monitor Betting Market Trends:

Changes in odds and betting volume can be important indicators of changes in players' psychology and hidden information behind the scenes.

Explore Different Types of Bets:

Learn about various types of bets other than handicap bets, such as Over/Under bets, Total Goals bets, Odd/Even bets, to have flexibility in the betting process.

Learn about Betting Methods:

There are many betting methods such as trend tracking, market information tracking, using a betting system, and smart capital management. Choose a method that suits you and patiently implement it.

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The above is all our knowledge about what handicap betting is and the various types of bets in handicap betting. We hope readers will have a better understanding of how to bet on football.

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